Leadership Selection

Sunday, November 14, we will have our annual congregational meeting at 9 am. In addition to affirming our leadership selection ballot for 2022 elders and deacons, you will hear a financial update from Tyler Spaid, our treasurer. We will also be offering details for several upcoming ministry events, and we’ll be looking back at the Lord’s faithfulness from the past year. Our congregational meeting will take the place of Sunday school. If you are a member and cannot join us in person, please cast your absentee ballot here. If you’re not a member or have never attended our congregational meeting, I want to encourage your attendance. This will be a great time to hear what the Lord is doing in our body.

Nominated Elders:

Danny Deffenbaugh

Current Elders:

*Nick Giaconia

Ryan Haskins

Dave Johnston

Jeremy Litts

*Damien Rivera

*Tyler Spaid (treasurer)

*Up for reaffirmation this year

Nominated Deacons:

Kevin Mask

Drew Pitchford

Jon Pouliot

Tom Van Wirt

John White

Current Deacons:

*Raj Asirvatham (Chairman)

*Rod Bakken

Michael Burrei

Jerry Davis

Danny Deffenbaugh

Allen Hall

Andrew Hedman

*David Henry

Preston Holcombe

Elliot Huck

*Matt Lott

Jeremy Moretz

*Reed Pittman

Ron Roberts

*Sheldon Searle

Devin Shoulders

*Up for reaffirmation this year

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Sunday School 9:00am

Worship Service and Livestream 10:30am 


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