Community Bible Church Media Policy

Media images and recordings bring life to and help tell the story of Community Bible Church, enhance the quality of the information we provide to our members and give visitors an idea of what to expect when they attend our church. Sharing photos and videos of our members is a privilege for us, and we intend to respect and honor it. 

The church often photographs or records our various ministry activities, events and programs, creating media to use in church-produced materials, including, but not limited to, bulletins, posters, brochures, flyers, newsletters and other printed materials, social media sites and on the church website. Accordingly, participation in church activities implies permission for publication of any media recorded, unless a “Media Opt-Out Form” has been submitted to the church office (see below).

Media Use Guidelines

While we reserve the right to photograph and record church events, in an effort to respect your privacy, we will strive to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Any adult may complete the Media Opt-Out Form if they do not wish for media items in which they, vulnerable adults in their charge or the minor children for whom they are the parent/legal guardian are prominently featured to be used in publications produced by Community Bible Church.
  • We will not knowingly post anything that would be embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful to anyone in a photo or video.

  • We do not identify children or youth by name or any other identifying information in the photos and videos we use in our online and printed publications. If a name tag is visible in a photo, it will be removed with photo editing software.

  • Images of individual minors will not be used to advertise future events without explicit parental consent (a photo release form). (Large-group photos in which individual children cannot be identified are permissible.)

  • We will gladly remove any photo or video upon request from our online sites. If you see a photo that includes you or your child and would like it removed from the site, please call 615-833-9148 or notify the church office at [email protected] with the details.

Media Opt-Out Form

Please submit the form below only if you do not want media images of yourself, vulnerable adults under your care, or your minor children used in any Community Bible Church electronic or print publications. Please indicate under each name if the person is a minor.

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