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The Story of Redemption

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This video series is a ministry of Community Bible Church. Community Bible Church exists to proclaim the Gospel of God’s redeeming grace offered to us in the finished work of Christ. Follow along as we trace the story of Redemption through every book of the Bible.

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Old Testament


Genesis is the foundation of our redemption story. It catches us up on how the world came to be stuck in this sinful state while giving us hope that one day someone will come to “make all things new.”


The book of Exodus might just be the greatest example of our Redemption in all of Scripture. It’s a real-life analogy of how God frees us from the bondage of slavery, rescues us through the waters of the Red Sea, walks with us through the “already, not yet” wilderness wandering, and promises us the hope of a land “flowing with milk and honey.” Every step of the way we see the faithfulness of God to his promises.


Leviticus (coming soon)

Numbers (coming soon)

Deuteronomy (coming soon)

New Testament

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Series Resources

The Shadows of Christ in the Laws of Moses by Vern Poythress

Kingdom Prologue by Meredith Kline

Theological Resources

1689 London Baptist Confession

Additional Studies by CBC

Words To Live By – This study unpacks some of the nuanced theology of the Gospel. It’s a closer look at the core doctrines of the Cross – words like justification, propitiation, adoption, glorification – in order to help us comprehend the magnitude of our salvation and the infinite greatness of our God.

The Church – A Community Set Apart By God – Why does the Church exist and what is it called to do? 

The Hour has Come (John 13-17) – A look at Jesus’ final hours and the message of hope He shared in His final discourse.

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