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This video series is a ministry of Community Bible Church. Community Bible Church exists to proclaim the Gospel of God’s redeeming grace offered to us in the finished work of Christ. Follow along as we trace the story of Redemption through every book of the Bible.

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Old Testament


Genesis is the foundation of our redemption story. It catches us up on how the world came to be stuck in this sinful state while giving us hope that one day someone will come to “make all things new.”


The book of Exodus might just be the greatest example of our Redemption in all of Scripture. It’s a real-life analogy of how God frees us from the bondage of slavery, rescues us through the waters of the Red Sea, walks with us through the “already, not yet” wilderness wandering, and promises us the hope of a land “flowing with milk and honey.” Every step of the way we see the faithfulness of God to his promises.


Leviticus is well-known for being about the Law of God for the nation of Israel. But, as New Testament believers, many of these laws are no longer relevant to our lives today. So the question can be asked, “why spend the time to read about Laws that no longer apply?” This is the exact question we answer in today’s video, and we will see how Leviticus is still very relevant for you and me today.


The title of this book is as far from “click-bait” as it gets. Who would want to read a book (or watch a video) about numbers? Well, you might be surprised to hear, the book of Numbers is far more about the covenant faithfulness of God to the people of Israel than it is about headcounts and numerical lists.


Deuteronomy: After traveling for 40 years in the wilderness, the nation of Israel is back on the banks of the Jordan, ready to cross into the Land of Canaan. But before they do, Moses has one last message for them. The book of Deuteronomy highlights the Lord’s faithfulness despite the nation’s unfaithfulness towards Him.


The saying goes, “if we don’t pay attention to history, we’re doomed to repeat it.” Remembering what happened in our past protects us in the future. It was true for Israel, and it’s true for us. The book of Joshua teaches us to remember the faithfulness of the Lord so we can be equipped for what the future holds.


Hebrews 12 tells us the Lord disciplines those whom He loves. According to that standard, it’s clear the Lord loves Israel deeply. Because time and time, God sent judges to rebuke the nation of Israel after they turned away from the Lord. The book of Judges continues to show how God remains faithful to Israel despite Israel’s continual faithlessness.


Every good book needs a good love story, which brings us to the book of Ruth. It highlights the beautiful story of love and grace between Ruth and Boaz. By today’s standards, it’s a true romantic comedy. But more importantly, it demonstrates the love and grace God has for us, seen in our redemption.

1 Samuel

The Tale of Two Kings: It’s always better to trust in God’s plan. But Israel can never seem to learn that. In this video we discuss how Israel thought that having an earthly king would make them a better nation. The book of 1 Samuel shows how they were so very wrong.

2 Samuel

The Promised King: With David taking the throne it could be easy to assume everything will go well for him and Israel. But things don’t go as planned. His time on the throne is met with trials and struggle. But there is also hope given through a promise that David’s throne will continue forever. Hear about all this and more.

1 & 2 Kings

1 & 2 Kings: Israel thought having a king to rule over them would be a good idea. Their history proves otherwise. After much struggle, the nation of Israel is left looking for a king who will rule over them perfectly.

1 & 2 Chronicles

1 & 2 Chronicles: When information is repeated in scripture it clearly must be important. We’ve covered the history of the nation of Israel before, but God wants to make sure we hear what we need to hear and learn what we need to learn from Israel’s story.


Ezra: Israel’s future was never in question with God. Israel had some really important lessons to learn, they just had to learn those lessons the hard way.


Nehemiah: It’s easy to assume that God only cares for the spiritual side of our lives. As if He’s only concerned with what’s happening in heaven and not what’s happening here on earth. The book of Nehemiah shows us how God protects and provides for us, not only for our spiritual needs but also for our physical needs here on earth.


Esther: If this story happened today, I think we’d struggle to see God in it. No good and moral Christian can condone the actions that led to Esther becoming queen. But we can see the Lord using her role to, once again, demonstrate His faithfulness to His plan of salvation.


Job: If anyone had the right to question why they were going through so much suffering, it would be Job. In one day, his life went from good to bad. But through it all, his faith held fast to the Lord.


Psalms: How are we to worship God? What does proper worship look like? What does God want us to say to him in our singing? An answer for all these questions and more can be found in the book of Psalms.


Proverbs: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Knowledge. Proverbs starts there, but it goes so much further.


Ecclesiastes: The preacher did not have an optimistic outlook on life or the pleasures of this world. After trying everything possible under the sun to satisfy his nagging desires, he comes to see everything as “vanity of vanities” and “striving after the wind.” So, if earthly pleasures don’t satisfy, what does?

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