Unit 3: God's Rescue Plan

October 24
Unit 3, Session 1: God Made a Covenant With Abraham

Start by watching the Bible Story Video or

reading Genesis 12:1-9 together!

Who is your favorite athlete? Your favorite athlete is probably a star player on your favorite team or someone who is one of the best in the world in your favorite sport. Few people, probably, have a favorite athlete who sits on the bench and never plays or is way far down on the list of top players in the world. Why would someone choose an athlete like that?

When God chose Abraham and promised to make his family as big as there are stars in the sky, it seemed like an odd choice. At this point, Abraham was an old man who didn’t have any children. How would Abraham be the father of a great nation? Why would God choose someone like that?

Abraham did not seem like the best choice to carry out God’s plan, but God’s plan did not depend on Abraham’s ability. This plan was up to God, and it could not fail because God is faithful and true. He will always do what He says He will do. And God can do what no person can do.

God chose Abraham because He is the God who makes all things possible. God showed His faithfulness and power by giving Abraham and Sarah a son when they were almost 100 years old! Through that son, God built the nation of Israel, His chosen people. From this nation, just as God had promised, Jesus was born.

God is faithful. He will always keep His promises. First John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” God kept His promise to bless the world through Abraham, and He will keep His promise to save all who believe in Jesus.

God promised to bless all the world through Abraham. God sent Jesus from His home in heaven to be born on earth into Abraham’s family. Through Jesus, all the nations of the earth are blessed because Jesus saves people from their sins.

Pray: God, all things are possible with You. You are faithful and we can trust You to always keep Your promises. Help us to trust You more and to know all the ways You have blessed the world through Jesus.

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Family Activities

For Fun

On a clear night, challenge your kids to count as many stars as they can. When they give up counting, talk about God’s promise to give Abraham as many descendants as the stars in the sky. God’s promise was to make Abraham’s family a blessing to the whole world. Remind your kids that this promise was fulfilled when Jesus—born into the family line of Abraham—came to offer forgiveness and salvation to anyone who believes in Him.

To Serve

Volunteer with a local organization that supports foster and adoptive families. Collect donations, provide meals, or offer to babysit. After serving, read Galatians 3:29. Remind your kids that anyone who believes in Jesus Is adopted as a son or daughter of God and is included in all the promises God has made.

Family Prayer


Praise God for His promise to be with you wherever you go. How does knowing God is with you always help you throughout your day?


Ask God to help you trust His plan for your life—even when things seem impossible. How does God’s goodness and power bring you peace when the future might be unclear?

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