The Bible: The Story of Redemption

This video series is a ministry of Community Bible Church. Community Bible Church exists to proclaim the Gospel of God’s redeeming grace offered to us in the finished work of Christ. Follow along as we trace the story of Redemption through every book of the Bible.

The Church

An excellent introduction to the purpose and function of the Church in general, and our church culture and beliefs in particular, this booklet was originally written as a small group study. 

Words to Live By

This study unpacks some of the nuanced theology of the Gospel. It’s a closer look at the core doctrines of the Cross – words like justification, propitiation, adoption, glorification – in order to help us comprehend the magnitude of our salvation and the infinite greatness of our God.

The Hour Has Come 

This sermon series and small group study examines Jesus’ final hours in John 13-17 and the message of hope He shared in His final discourse.

1689 London Baptist Confession

The Church’s final and ultimate authority is the Word of God. There are, however, explanations of biblical doctrine which have served the church throughout its history. The classic and Reformed confessions/creeds of the church have been born out of moments of much-needed clarity. They have also helped the church define orthodoxy, informed its worship and provided it with a trusted exposition of the Gospel of Christ. While they are not inspired, or authoritative, they are helpful. We have attached the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession to our church’s statement of faith in order to assist us in our pursuit of Reformed orthodoxy. To the extent that we can agree with its statements we affirm the usefulness of this document to the church. The elders of Community Bible Church have provided commentary where clarity is warranted and where it was necessary to demonstrate our diversion from aspects of the confession.

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